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Topic Title: meniscal allograft (transplant) and ACL reconstruction
Created On: 08/15/2001 11:33 PM
 12/12/2006 07:53 PM

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Hi "DK". Are you still out there? If so, which option did you choose and how did it go? I am facing the same decision right now.
 02/15/2003 01:51 AM

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Have an old football injury, ACL surgery R Knee when I was 16 that didn't fair so well. 25 years later after living with this, reinjuring several times, I really srewed it up this time playing basketball with some buddies; popped out, severe pain and swelling. Wend to doc. had MRI where they found the ACL ruptured and completely unattached to the bone, bucket around the knee turned upside down (where cart. set). Other lig. sprained but should be ok. My doc is suppose to be the best in town, and is suggesting replacement of ACL with: (1)Tendon allograph from donor or (2)use the hams. from inside same leg, cross-over and link to bone to stablize the knee. Meanwhile he'll flip the "bucket" right-side up. He left the two choices up to me. Leaning towards the allograph but am afraid of side affects, disease from unknown donor, infection etc. I'm scheuled for surgery March 25- not sure what to do.
 08/15/2001 11:33 PM

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I am a 33 year-old male about to undergo my eighth knee surgery. I have had five arthroscopies and 2 ACL reconstructions (first one in 1989 using synthetic material, second in 1997 using patellar tendon graft) on my right knee. The present status of my right knee is as follows: No medial meniscus, no ACL (1997 graft failed), patellar tendonitis, arthritis (mild), and possible tear of lateral meniscus. My orthopaedic surgeon has recommended a meniscal allograph along with an ACL reconstruction. I would be receiving the meniscus and the ACL graft from a donor. What is the success rate (%) of this combined procedure? Are donor grafts as strong as a person's own body tissue? What is the best type of donor graft - fresh, fresh-frozen, or cryogenically frozen? Any drawbacks from any of these grafts?


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