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Topic Title: scared, confused and in need of advice.....
Created On: 10/16/2005 11:53 AM
 10/16/2005 11:53 AM

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Hey folks;
I am new to this site..I am a 45 year old male with degenerative arthritis and lots of sports injuries. It all started with my neck and shoulders. To date I have had 5 surgerys on the left shoulder and 3 on the right shoulder. They tried a bone graph from my left hip to shoulder but the bone was too boggy to hold the graph. They suggested a replacemnet however I knew a girl that had one shatter because of a weak spot in the materials. My range of motion is 93 % in the left with 0 stability and 45% in the right with 68 stability.
My elbows have both been operated on for over extension and carpal tunnels have been done twice.

My living, for many years, was in the Food and Beverage Industry....I've managed locations since I was 19..however I've had to change my career as the pain has gotten much worse over the years and there is a lot I can't do anymore.
My knees started to go when I was approximately 28 and have progressed to the point where there are days I can't walk and my legs swell really bad and the pain is unbearable. I never thought I was the type of person to pray to God for one day without pain....But I have done it more than once.
Anyway, a little of topic here....I have so much to say to people that actually know what I am going through, sorry.
I have had 8 surgerys on my left knee and 5 on my right...finally they have decided to let me get knees because of quality of life..( they wanted me to wait untill I was at least 65) and then told me I would be in a wheelchair in 3 to 5 years, about 5 years ago...My point was...Great, put me in a chair in my prine but not to worry -when I am retired I will have a shot at quality of life again...SCREW THAT....I WANT TO LIVE NOW !!!!

I have read a lot about TKR, good and bad, what is the % of having your knee manipulated after surgery...Anybody know??

I am susceptable to infections after surgery....should I be extra cautious?

I have already had a DVT (blood clot) in the bottom of my calf post surgery...should I make sure they put me on thinners?

Anything encouraging or not so positive...As I say ...guys and gals I am so confused and not a really religious man...So Please help me out here...

Should I have the surgery? What type of knee should I ask for? What should I expect in down time?
How long before you are able to return to work? How long should I wait before having the 2nd one done...( they say 3 months) What do you say?


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