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Topic Title: Bizarre painless accumulation of fluid in 14 year old
Created On: 10/01/2006 12:20 AM
 10/01/2006 12:20 AM

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I am 14 years old, female. In February, I fell on the inside of my right knee playing lacrosse on an artificial turf field. The doctors thought my kneecap may have possibly sublexed, but my MRI was completely clean, except for a slight bone bruise, so they even doubt that. Five or six weeks later, I was almost completely back to playing sports wearing a small patellar brace. One day after an easy practice, my knee was FULL of fluid. It was completely painless. I had it drained three times where the doctor got over 35 cc's off. After the third one, we tried cortisone injections. After three of these (accompanied by more drainings) the fluid finally went back down. However, the cortisone left a strange white mark just smaller than a dime on my knee. I also felt a dent there in whatever tissue that is.

Two months later when I had finally got back on my Varsity cross country team and club soccer team, I fell again, once at cross country practice and three days later in a soccer game on turf, again. When I fall on it, it doesn't feel normal. It tingles, stings, and burns, not like a typical bruise from falling. I'm not sure if the swelling has anything to do with falling, since it didn't swell until three of four days later this time. Icing, elevating, immobilizing, crutches, and draining don't work at all. I had it drained and shot with cortisone again a week ago, and the swelling is slowly going back down, but I wonder how many times my knee can get poked with needles and shot with cortisone before I experience other problems.

Are there any doctors who go on this site who have seen this before? Anybody have the same problem? Are there any other ways to treat fluid? HELP!!!!


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