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Topic Title: help needed
Created On: 11/08/2007 01:02 PM
 12/01/2012 06:01 AM

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Visit your nearest doctor, preferably an orthopedist.
 01/22/2008 08:45 PM

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WOW ! How are you doing now???
 11/08/2007 01:02 PM

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i am a 25yr old female and in aug 2004 i triped over a board that was leaning against a door way in our home to prevent dog geting out. As a result i fell heavily and my right knee smashed straight through a thick floor tile. it swelled instantly as youd expect and was very painful. i went to a&e 2 days later to check i hadnt done any damage as it was still swolen. xrays were taken and nothing was seen as abnormal. i was then fine and could walk normally after a couple of days and actually went horse riding four days after it happened. unfortunatly i fell of the horse whilst cantering mainly (i think) due to not being able to bent etc with knee as it was still swollen and sore. i was then fine and all was normal apart from swelling was still there and i couldn't kneel on it.
in april 2005 i banged the knee whilst at work and could not walk on it again. i ended up in lots of pain and had to use 2 crutches to get around. i was then referred to an orthopedic consultant who did xrays and decided to do an arthroscopy. the arthroscopy went well from what they said and removed some loose cartilage. they did also find some arthritis in the knee also. from then on it stayed swollen and painful and could not bend or straighten it fully and had physio to help me walk again. i was still being referred to my consultant as it wasnt getig any better although with time i was able to walk without crutches but with a big limp! throughout this i was given 5 steriod injections into the joint which helped for aprox 2-3 days and also had 3 mri scans.
in march 2007, i sat on the floor to change a dogs bandage (my leg was stretched out as i sat down and whilst on the floor as i was unable to bent it properly or kneel on it due to the pain) when i tried to get up my knee had locked and my partner had to slowly manipulate the leg to unlock the knee. since then i have not been able to walk on it without crutches but did manage the odd limp around the house. i was then sent for another mri scan to see if any more damage had been caused due to it locking but the scan came back clear. i found when ever i stood up the knee would lock and then release and a bruise would ocuur straight away.
in aug 07 my consultant put me in a full leg cast for four weeks to see if that may help the swelling go down, and to stop it locking. he thought complete immobilisation may help the joint to calm down. whilst in cast it was changed every week as it was slipping due to the wastage of muscle and fat in the leg but each time it got changed my leg went straighter and straighter until it was completly straight (which it hadnt been for neary 2 years). when the cast was removed i was sent for physio 2 days later to get the muscle etc going again but within an hour of the cast being removed it had blown up bigger than normal and couldnt straighten it again. i was then unable to put any weight on it what so eva and became worse than it had been since the arthroscopy. i was therfore back on 2 crutches but couldnt put no weight on it what so eva not even to limp. physio put my leg into a removable splint when at rest to help straighten it which has worked but still cannot put no weight on it at all! i am now being sent for another mri on the 19th november with a dye but have been told there is a 90% chance that it wont show anything and if it does show nothing then there is nothing they can do and i will have to live with it. i am also seeing the pain clinic which have been helpful with pain killers etc but are now not working as well and they dont want to give me anything stronger as the dose's i am on are to strong for my age as it is!!!
i really don't know what to do, i am 25, have lost my job (trainee vet nurse which i was in my last year) and am puttin on weight because i cant excercise but i know the weight wont help my knee! i am in a no win situation and no one seems to know whats up
its constantlty very swolen (twice size it should be), cant be touched or rubbed due to the pain. cant weight bear AT ALL. cant bend it but it is straight!
please help


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