Please Give Me SOme Advice.

Topic Title: Please Give Me SOme Advice.
Created On: 08/07/2008 10:17 PM

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 08/07/2008 10:17 PM

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6 years ago they found I had periosteal sarcoma on my L distal femur. They told me they might have to amputate my leg but fortunately they were able to perform limb sparing surgery. I have had 4 surgeries since then which included an arthroscopy to remove some painful hardware. I still have 8 screws and a rod left that X rays have shown need to be removed. Unfortunately after I had my arthroscopy and only a few weeks of physical therapy my leg was not doing any better. I am now able to totally manipulate my patella and it feels like it's going to come off. I am constantly uncomfortable and have knee pain (as well as pain from my hardware that's backing out) and it seems to me that my quality of life is not what it should be. I am only 21 years old and I feel like I'm 70. I complain all the time and am depressed. I used to be very active and fit and now I feel like I'm unhealthy and miserable. The last doctor I saw told me I needed a total knee replacement and my hardware removed but I neither have the income nor the insurance to cover it. I live in Texas and they told me that I could only get on Medicaid if I got pregnant which is not happening. I need some advice. Is there anyone out there that knows of a place I can go or a treatment that may help me that's not too costly? Anything that would help... I just want to be able to run again and have a normal life. I know theres alot of you out there in worse shape that I but I'm so young and would like to be
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