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Topic Title: strange knee swelling
Created On: 09/09/2002 04:25 PM
 04/01/2004 05:08 PM

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I went to the Orthopedic Dr. and was told not to worry about the swelling on my left knee. I wrote the posting about being 51 and had a bad injury to my knee back in 88, and re-injured it a couple of months ago, and had this big swollen place on the inside/below my left knee. He said it was from the blow to the knee I had, when I ran into the trunk at the end of our bed. It has taken all this time for it to go away. My foot was even swollen, my leg from the knee down turned a horrible black and blue. (bleeding inside from the blow to the knee) It scared me, because it was pretty ugly. Now waiting to be seen by a Otho/Sports Dr. my insurance plan recommended him. The Dr. I did see about this incidence advised to just leave it alone if it's not causing me any problems, and it's not. The xray show's alot of arthritis, which I knew was going to be there, eventually he said I will need a knee replacement, but the new procedures they have now, it's not that bad. I wanted to ask him if he ever had a knee replacement??? Not looking forward to that, but hopefully not for a few more years. I can still keep up with the grandson's, so it's still working pretty good. Good luck everyone and hopefully you'll find your answers to your knee problems also.
 02/23/2004 05:17 PM

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I had a bad injury to my left knee in 1988, had the tibia plateau rebuilt with a bone graph, also tore the ACL, 6 weeks ago I ran into the trunk at the end of our bed and bumped my knee hard, it swelled up like a baseball, went to the Dr.s told to stay off of it, rest and ice it. Had an xray a couple of weeks ago, told that my knee is degenerating badly - lots of athritis, it's still swollen as described in a previous note. The Dr. said she will order an MRI next, I wonder now if its the ACL torn, I'm not in pain. I fill very lucky with that. But my knee is not as stable as I would like it to be, I broke my right foot last week, so out of work another two weeks, not having good luck. Actually I'm surprised my knee has done as well as it has, I've been very lucky with it, my concern, is that I'm 51 and not anxious about a knee replacement (which has been hinted to me by a couple of orthopedic Dr.s - I wish they would just come out and say it). How many knee replacments can a person have, how long does an average one last? How bad does it hurt....I hate the thought of being in pain for months again. That was a nightmare. Can anyone give me an idea if the swelling could be from a torn ACL, the swelling is the left leg, right below the knee inside towards inner leg. Like described in previous email from someone else, about 3 inches accross and a half inch high, no pain.
 09/11/2002 09:25 PM

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I got a Donjoy knee brace. It does not seem to fit and is causing me an extreme amount of pain. I can not bend my knee without it pinching me. Has anyone every had this problem
 09/11/2002 09:11 PM

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Yes, it is like a round ridge. Have you heard of this before?
 09/11/2002 09:50 AM

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Julie, is your swelling like a ridge?
 09/10/2002 09:28 PM

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I have the same type of lump. I have only had the arthroscopy but will be having the ACL reconstruction surgery in December. My surgen had said not to worry about it but I too would like to know what it is.
 09/09/2002 04:25 PM

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Hello, I have had a small, 3 inch swelling or growth under the skin on my knee pop up. It is firm to the touch and does not hurt, yet it sticks out and looks very strange. About 3 inchs long and it sticks out about 1/2 inch. Any thoughts?


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