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Topic Title: Osteotomy
Created On: 01/08/2003 08:39 PM
 01/10/2003 01:40 PM

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Sorry, it's me again, not all swelling is gone but most of it is gone, I was a bit overexited...H
 01/10/2003 01:39 PM

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I had a fulkerson one week after you had it and my knee was VERY SWOLLEN for weeks. Now all swelling is gone but I believe there are a lot of TTTers who have major swelling for months. Visit, they have a great forum with a lot of people who had a TTT. Mine has been succesfull so far, how about yours? Regards H
 01/08/2003 08:39 PM

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I had surgery on August 13 2002 and five months later my knee is twice the size of my other knee and my surgeon is puzzled as to why . I had a fulkerson procedure for a sliding kneecap. Does anyone have any answers?


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