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Topic Title: Swelling of knee HELP!!
Created On: 07/30/2003 04:28 PM
 07/01/2004 02:36 AM

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THank you for the reply> Actually, now that you mention this I had an accident 14 years ago to the left knee cap and had to have 3 surgeries on it. I fell on a bicycle and the asphalt did a number on my knee. I'll be sure to ask the Dr. Thanks again!
 06/30/2004 10:59 AM

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you may have a bone chip in a location that is not visible....right between the bones... i had something like that and described exacly like u check into it
 04/22/2004 01:43 AM

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I was diagnosed with a Bakercyst in my left knee which they did a sonogram. Within a matter of weeks my right knee became swollen and I am experiencing leg pain knee and below, thigh and hip pain. The Dr. postponed the surgery in the left leg for the bakercyst and decided to take a better look at what is going on. They have taken a blood test for RA and I am waiting. I can hardly put wait on my right leg and it gets worse by the day. I am having difficulty beding my leg. They did an MRI on both knees. The right one that is killing me was found to be normal with minimal arthritis. They couldn't find any tears in either knee.
 08/01/2003 04:48 PM

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Hi Yep, a sample of the fluid was takes to the lab but nothing was found. Even did test to see whether i had RA but all turned out negative. Have been working today and again my knee is twice my "good" knee. Can't figure out what is wrong. PLease help!!!!
 07/31/2003 09:38 AM

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Have you taken a sample of the fluid? Last time I had swelling of the knee, my OS suggested that.
 07/30/2003 04:28 PM

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For the last 4 weeks I am having continuous and sometimes major swelling of my left knee. I had a proximal and distal realignment 1 year ago which was succesfull, now suddenly there's this swelling, my OS says it has nothing to do with the fact I had the TTT but he can't find the cause. I have swelling of my knee and ankle, my claf is painfull when I stand on my toes, sometimes it feels as I can't straighten out my leg (someting feels "stuck" on the back side on the knee), knee is tender to the touch, the whole knee is painfull and sore. I have develloped a limp (slight) and sometimes the knee gives out because of the swelling. I had a CTscan and a knee fluid drainage. CT showed no ACL-PCL-MCL-Meniscus damage, minor BakerCyst, lateral tracking patella, obvious intra-articular fluid. Fluid was clear of RBC-WBC-CPR was ok, no infammation, sterile. I am currently on Celebrex, no cause is known for swelling, next step is MRI or even arthroscopy. I am at my wits end. Anyone had something like this and what was it? I too work in the medical field but haven't got a clue, we tried everything and all possible causes crossed our minds and turned out -. Any ideas???? Thanks


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