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Topic Title: Swollen Left Knee
Created On: 09/30/2003 01:40 PM
 02/28/2004 08:42 AM

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OK - now I can reply - you may not have to have the spinal fusion. On see home page menu on right side - look down a couple screens to the back testimonials. Then look further a bit to fixing accumulated shortness and improving athletic performance. Especially see the second, third and fifth and sixth sections of Fixing accumulated shortness. Try to read it all tho. You have the space by your vertebrae most probably because your fascial soft connective tissue of the legs and pelvis-abdomen is too short and is pulling your bone positions forward into too tight a curve and the bones slip out of position. If all your disks are intact, there is a high probability that the vertebrae can be manipulated and even self adjusted with yoga, IF you get the other fascia much much longer back to the lengths they used to be properly. Your body is inherently designed to have the lengths of the muscles balanced with the lengths of the bones. It is the fascial putty that gets bunched up thru effort and distorted position we put ourselves into - it gets shorter - but can easily be relengthened with hands on and with the proper kind of stretching movement that is very easy to learn and do. But when the fascia is short, it definitely always pulls bones, including vertebrae, away from the balanced muscle length - bone length arrangement. This can be restored - see those two articles and also, a half screen above them go to the Back Fix Book menu link and on the menu read it all and click on the articles off there. You will learn a tremendous amount and give yourself even mental hope and another way to solve this problem you have that is really very common with millions of people, and that has been corrected this bodywork and stretching way in a straightforward manner without too much cost. The method also makes us much looser and more flexible all over. And it lasts a long time, especially if you do a lot of enjoyable stretching, -- on the home page menu there is a blurb, link is 3rd one down from the sunburst, on a stretching method you can learn that has helped a lot of people with back and other problems - also see on Free Articles page the stretching tips article. Email me anytime if you like for more free info and I will also talk with you for free.
 02/27/2004 11:21 PM

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See my big info website and look for on home page menu the articles labeled Intro1 then Intro2. Save the very pressed ones for the social or 2-day spiritual centered.
 02/27/2004 11:16 PM

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I am looking at how to unravel your problem - give me a day or so. It DEFINITELY is a structurally oriented issue. Lou
 02/27/2004 10:07 AM

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Thanks for the responses...I have an update on my knee. I have been told that there is narrowing of the knee cap and this is where I am getting the discomfort. Ortho also says he see "spiking" on the x-ray of my knee and it is an early onset of arthritis. I had the mri done of my knee and of my lumbar spine. Knee mri was pretty normal, showed swelling and that's about it. The lumbar spine mri showed a huge slip of my vertebrae. I have spondylolisthesis....I have a grade 4, which is the about the worst you can have unless you have a complete slippage. I'm at about 90%. I have been told that I will need to have 360 degree spinal fusion. I have had a nerve conduction study and have found that the numbness in my leg is b/c of this condition. I now have noticable nerve damage. The only way to try to prevent further nerve damage is to have the surgery. I am scared to have the surgery. The unknowns of the surgery are the worst. Pins, and rods, and screws...sounds like the doctors are fixing a car...not my back. Wish me luck!! Thanks for taking the time to respond.
 02/26/2004 01:28 PM

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I know how discouraged you feel. I've had my tkr Mar. 3 2003. IO have always had a place on my knee that I have quesioned that the nerve was pinched during the surgery. I've seen a chiropractor for my sciatic nerve, ut am still experiencing serious problems - ex. knee swelling, pain going up stairs or with a quick turning of my foot, pain from my upper leg to my big toe that feels like a "charlie horse" with a tingling in my toe. My doctor has me on anti inflammatory and says its Synovitis. I think its a pinched nerve. I can press on the outside of my knee in one spot & feel the nerve run down my leg. Let me know what other symptoms you have.
 10/26/2003 11:00 PM

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Hi - Swelling on knee can often be from accumulated shortness in the soft connective tissue of the hamstrings and adductors as well as quads. See my website on Structural Integration Bodywork. I have worked on World Record Holder Olympic Athletes. See the Fixing Accumulated Shortness, Athletic Performance and Sports Medicine articles as well as the testimonials. Email me directly if you like.
 09/30/2003 01:40 PM

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Help...I have had swelling of my left knee for 6 weeks now. I have been on Bextra for 2 weeks with no imporvement. I have pain in the knee when I walk and have also developed a noticable limp. Both legs ache now b/c the good one is working overtime. Ortho says MRI to rule out meniscus tear. Also, ortho noticed a huge loss of strength in my left leg and foot. Wants MRI of back to see if I have a pinched nerve. What next? Anyone have any idea what could be causing the swelling? I have had no injury. Just woke up with swelling about 6 weeks ago and now I have pain when I walk. HELP!!!


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