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Topic Title: knee swelling from possible
Created On: 08/25/2004 03:22 PM

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 08/25/2004 03:22 PM

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I am a 32 year old male. I had a knee injury while dancing. I visited a specialist and he diagnosed MCL sprain. I am using knee braces. It is now 3 weeks. I dont have much knee pain. I still have the swelling. Unfortunately I have to walk quite a bit(while I walk I am doing it very slowly). Since my swelling is not reducing can there be ligament tear. I can rotate my knee hold it straight, tilt it sideways both sides. Only thing is I cant bend my knee inside fully. I feel obstruction due to the swelling at the top of the knee. I tried to tap the knee with my fingers and feel some pain on the inside of the knee and at the top of the knee where the swelling is there. Typically for a MCL sprain how long will the the swelling stay. I dont like to take anti inflammatory drugs and has taken only three celebrex 200mg capsules till now( I dont take medicine unless absolutely necessary since most medicine has so much side effects). Should I take more celebrex? Should I start using crutches or slow walking is ok? I used to be very flexible and good in yoga, dancing etc. Will my knee recover and will I be able to pursue these activities once again? I live all by myself. If unfortunately I have to go through a surgery how difficult will it be for me to manage after surgery (given any one to help me and have to walk quite a bit, can I manage with crutches)
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