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Topic Title: Can someone help with this please??
Created On: 06/21/2007 06:34 AM
 08/05/2008 11:24 PM

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I have been surprised with one surgery after another this past year and a half. Especially with my right knee. I just had my 3rd arthroscopy on my right knee this past Friday only to discover that the microfracture I had 5 months ago looks awful and they now have found carilage damage on my tibia as well as the damage we knew was on my femur, plus more meniscal tears. So, now my ortho is talking about unloader braces and possibly an high tibial osteotomy in the near future.

I too was very active with sports and outdoor activities. At 37 I wasn't ready to stop playing them. It's amazing how difficult this is to deal with and how it really does bring you down. Especially when a lot of my social life and friends revolved around the sports and activities I played. I am very fortunate to have a pretty positive outlook on life, but even I have some pretty low feeling days. I know it sounds a bit corny, but I always try to remember that there is always someone worse off. I have a friend whose spouse is fighting for her life due to cancer right now. I think (no - I know) I'd much rather deal with what I'm dealing with. I have also been VERY fortunate to have a physician who is always asking me EVERY time I go in how my mental state is. He always reassures me that what I'm going through is tough and it wouldn't be surprising if I became depressed. He is really good at helping me realize that it's OK to feel bad and have bad days, but if I can't pick myself out of those bad times I need to let him know and he'll help me with it, whether it be meds or finding the right person to talk to. Don't hesitate to talk to your doctor about this stuff. It serious, plus the more depressed you are, the worse you are going to feel physically.

Good lucK!
 08/04/2008 09:29 PM

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I will chime in, although I am not in the most positive of moods currently...

This is difficult in and of itself, as I am generally very positive and have a great outlook on life...
However, part of having that great outlook seems to be tied to the ability to be active and participate in sports of all kinds - racquetball in particular - and running - both of which have been taken away as an option for me based upon advanced arthritis in my right knee. I think it also ties into the feeling less than complete - unable to fully take charge and care of oneself in society based upon the injury...I could not even run away from an attacker in my current condition, for example!

I was just having a meniscus repaired (July 19, 2008) from a sports injury and expected that I would be fully recovered after surgery. The doctor did not seem too concerned about my MRI and was very nonchalant about my even needing surgery. But while they were looking about with the scope, it was discovered that I have 75% reduction of cartilage in that knee - have bone exposed on one section - was told that I would be experiencing chronic pain, will be injected every 6 months with "Euflexxa" and to tell them when that procedure was no longer working - when I could no longer handle the pain and I would get a new knee. Even with a new knee, I will be unable to participate in my favorite sports...and while I feel like a big baby for my current depression and my crying off and on during the day, I can't seem to help it...maybe I just need to feel bad for awhile until I figure out what my options are and what I can do....? Maybe I will learn to love low impact activities (swimming, cycling, walking) but I am not thrilled with the thought at the moment.

What I am doing - and it seems to be helping somewhat - is; I bought a stationery bike for the house, am doing my leg exercises, got a pilates ball, leg weights, arm weights, push up grips and am doing exercises every day to keep as fit as possible and keep moving. I am reading "Excuse me, your life is waiting" about the law of attraction and trying to keep positive...I am considering counseling...wish to avoid anti-depressants. I am surprised that more doctors do not inquire about the mental health of their patients that have just been given such life-altering news...that would be a benefit for them to ask...I almost brought it up during my last appointment, but did not feel comfortable bursting into tears in front of him...alas.
 03/17/2008 07:55 PM

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hi i'm new here but i wanted to add my 2 bits. i also had surgery 11-19-07 for torn cartilage. my surgery hasn't gone the way it should have. i'm not sure. i just got another mri today so we'll see. i have had that depression super anxiety feeling happen to me too. i went to the docs after a panic attack at the dmv.

he gave me ativan and effexor. i tried the ativan, it helped calm me for an hour or so the bam into a hole. he said i could take more than the 1 i took. all i could think of is getting hooked on ativan.

i went back to the docs and asked for something i was more familiar with and he gave me valium, .2 mg. and prozac. he said they won't just leave your system and plummet you into despair like the ativan.

i haven't touched the prozac i have taken the 2 mg valim a few times now. sometimes cut it in half and it calms me.

i am amazed at myself feeling so down. i'm generally a happy go lucky type. but my knee is unstable, giving out whenever it decided to. leaving me very shaky. then doc said to exercise it to strengthen it. did that but ruined my other knee in the meanwhile. so here i am with 2 bad knees.

i have a hinged brace which helps.

i think the main thing a person MUST do is get the heck out of the house whenever possible. it gives me a lift. sometimes i don't feel like it but i know i have to get out. thank goodness for my family encouraging me.

hang in there God Bless.
 01/11/2008 12:39 AM

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I do know many suffer depression after surgery. I also know that finding the right anti-depression med and the right dosage is trial and error and sometimes takes a whilee. Stay in very close contact with your doctor and be very descriptive of what is going on with you. If you feel you need a second diagnosis, then by all means do so. Good luck. "God is love"
 01/07/2008 12:12 AM

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Hi. Ive had 15 right knee surguries. one on the left knee and 4 herneated discs in my back. I was told by my surgeon that anyone who experiences a severe change in their lifestyle, or if you are dealing with pain. Depression and anexity will occur. I'm on cymbalta. It has been reapproved by the FDA to treat neuropathic pain, anexity, and depression. It has been a great help for me. I just started to walk with the use of a cane for the first time since 2003. I hope this helps. feel better
 10/11/2007 07:33 PM

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To begin with, nobody likes to feel helpless or bother others for as much help as one actually needs after a surgery that leaves you functioning below normal levels for awhile. Of course that in itself is a bit depressing. You also spend a lot of time laying on your back with nothing better to do than think about your life. It's a very isolating experience.

Then add pharmaceuticals....

I spent the first 8 days after my ACL surgery popping pain pills, sleeping, watching unhealthy amounts of Sex in the City, and evaluating my life...On the 9th day after surgery, I cried ALL day. On the 10th day I stopped taking my painkillers in the afternoon. On the 11th day I went back to part-time work and felt WAY better.

Opiates and inactivity bring you down. Once you are off the pharmaceuticals and start moving again, your endorphins should return to fairly normal levels in no time.
 07/23/2007 03:23 PM

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At what point post-op did you start feeling depressed?
I also became depressed after my surgery. I wonder how many other people have too.
 07/16/2007 12:41 AM

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Well I don’t know about Dopress. I have been prescribed Elavil. I took my first pill today (25 mg) and really haven't felt a difference. I know I need to give it more time. But i am scared since i have read that it has many side effects. Hope you have good results with Dopress.
 06/21/2007 06:34 AM

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I have been diagnosed with moderate depression and have been prescribed Dopress 25 mg which I ordered online I took them for two weeks with little change therefore my doctor increased the dosage to 50 mg a day. I have taken the 50 mg dose for about 5 days and the depression seems to come and go. (mostly comes and stays for a while) Is this normal?


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