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Created On: 08/02/2007 07:42 PM
 08/02/2007 07:42 PM

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I had a lateral release done in Aug '06. In about November I was doing lots better didn't need a knee brace and my knee didn't go out of place. In January '07 I fell down about 7 concrete steps at work and hit the bottom of my knee cap. This is now a work comp issue so I need help, because I feel like they are not giving me the total story. I have had x-rays and an MRI done. Basically the MRI shows that I had a bone spur break off inside, and some other things but I think these were there previously. The work comp. dr. they sent me to drained the fluid on my knee. The next visit since I was still having problems he said I need to have artho. done. Then the insurance company called me to ask if I wanted to see the dr. who did my original lateral release (which of course I asked for since the very beginning). Of course, since he knows my situation. Well the first time I saw him he said I had a bone contusion and it could take a while to heal. He also sent me to do PT and there was a possibility that he would need to do artho. to see what was going on in there. Well this has been about 8 weeks ago. Since then I have told him and the physical therapists that it feels like it is popping. The dr. has sent me for more therapy. Then the next visit he gave me a cortisone shot and more physical therapy and to get a new knee brace fitted. The cortisone shot did help almost all of the swelling go down. BUT now I definitely feel the knee cap dislocate at least a few times a day. I spoke with the physical therapists and they said that they really don't know why he would send me for more PT again at this point. One of them told me I need to ask for another MRI since the last one was done in Feb.. It sounds like the fall basically undid my whole surgery that I previously had done. The dr. really hasn't told me this, but it could be because the Workmens Comp. Insurance Co.'s nurse is at my appt.'s with me. My next visit I will definitely not let here go back with me, because I want some real answers. I am so frustrated and disappointed! I was at the point of having knee back to normal until this injury. Has anyone ever had a situation like this were they had an injury after a knee surgery. Can they do a lateral release again?


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