Swelling, Knee Pain, and Can't bend it past 90*... MRI's were normal, help!

Topic Title: Swelling, Knee Pain, and Can't bend it past 90*... MRI's were normal, help!
Created On: 06/04/2012 01:42 AM

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 06/04/2012 01:42 AM

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Hi! i am a 25 year old female with major knee pain. Apparently about 2 weeks ago I started having pain in my knee.(Not sure if it happened after I was playing tag with my kids or what) It kept feeling like it needed to pop and hurt so I had popped it a few times but it didn't help. It kept getting worse over a few days to the point I couldn't bend it and it started to swell. I went ot urgent care and they put me on crutches and a knee immobilizer and told me to come back in a week if it didn't get better and sent me for X rays. Xrays were normal and then a week later the knee was really swollen and hard to bend so I went back in. They sent me for an MRI (which came back normal with no meniscus tears and ACL seemed fine) The urgent care doc said to go to an ortho and he saw me that week. He said that sometimes MRI's don't show the tears so his diagnosis was a mensical / cartilage tear until proven otherwise. (word for word) He gave me an injection that he said would numb my knee for 6-8 hours and wear off...he just wanted it to 'unlock' my knee. After doing that I came back in with the MRI films since he couldn't read the cd and he rushed in and out in 5 minutes saying he would prescribe PT and that it was still diagnosed as a meniscus tear until proven otherwise. (again, word for word) I am trying to walk on it but it swells with walking a little and I can't fully straighten my leg. Big problem is that I can't bend my leg back past 90*! it feels as though it will pop / explode / snap. It is almost like something is pulling so tightly on it like a muscle ready to snap and there is so much pressure (?) . I don't know what to do....Doctor said that if in 3 weeks the PT doesn't help he will see me again and talk about surgery and that even if I don't' get it now, he sees surgery in my future at some point still.
Does anyone have any idea what it could be? I'm desperate to figure it out! I can walk on it (with occasional shooting pains deep inside when I step) but still limp because of the pain and being unable to have full movement. I am debating on waiting the full 3 weeks before going back in but am afraid if I don't go through with PT, he won't help until I do.

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