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Topic Title: Getting over injuries
Created On: 09/22/2009 02:28 PM
 12/01/2009 08:45 AM

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[p]Here's a good article, but you heard it from me first: [/p][br][p][/p][br][br]
 09/22/2009 02:28 PM

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To the recently injured, Having played soccer my whole life, I know there is nothng more frustrating than riding pine due to an injury, while watching your teammates play. Here are a few very basic pointers about coming back from an injury. These hold true for sports in general: 1. Let yourself heal. Stay off the injury as much as humanly possible. If you keep on it, and do not let it fully heal, this injury WILL come back. Be patient as you recover. 2. Ice is key. My doctors have always said to ice 20 mnutes on, 20 minutes off. Do so for a couple hours, a couple times a day, immediately after the injury. This helps reduce swelling in joints, and will help to qicken the recovery. Ice works for muscle injuries too. 3. Warm up and Stretch. You should be doing this every time you step onto the pitch anyway, but as you recover, be sure to get in a good warm up and stretch. This should take atleast 20 minutes. Warming up is also a must as a preventative means. Quick and sudden movements to cool muscles will cause injuries. Best of Luck.


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