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Topic Title: Do you use kneepads?
Created On: 04/02/2014 06:14 PM
 04/02/2014 08:33 AM

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<p>Dentists shoulder the responsibility of protecting public oral health. However, who protect their body health. Because of the special career, dentist is easy to suffer from some diseases.Whether do you suffer from these disease and do you know how to solve.[br]1. The common disease dentist suffer from is musculoskeletal, A significant number of today's dentists experience musculoskeletal pain and are at risk of developing serious Musculoskeletal Disorders (MSD's) which including chronic low back pain. This pain often refers into the hip, buttock or down one or both legs. The pain may be caused bymuscle strains or trigger points, instability of the spinal vertebra due to weak postural muscles, hypomobile spinal facet joints, or spinal disc disease including herniation.</p>
<p>[br]More detail:[br]</p>


Does Creatine cause Hair Loss?
By singhnri123
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5 days post op ACL surgery - strange horrible pain
By dadoody

Posted: Jul 16, 2018
I'm 12 years post op, but I remember that pain. I stretched out the percocet and vicodin for about 1 or 1.5 weeks I think. It prevented pain, but I couldn't poop for a week.  Maybe they can ...

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Post-Operative Knee Care
Post-Operative Knee Care
Learn from a knee care expert about how to get your knee back into shape ...
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Dr. Robert Klapper

Dr. Robert Klapper:

Preventing Knee Surgery
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