12 years post-op. Had sporadic bone pain for years...until Vitamin D

Topic Title: 12 years post-op. Had sporadic bone pain for years...until Vitamin D
Created On: 07/16/2018 05:40 PM

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 07/16/2018 05:40 PM

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 I ruptured my ACL in November 2005 due to a jumping injury. 

Before surgery, I had a slight tear in my meniscus; however, I did light cycling on a stationary bike for 3 months, and that seems to have helped heal the meniscus. During the surgery, the doctor used my own patellar tendon grafting. 

I have mostly full range, the leg is still not as strong as the other one, but that's on me for not being more regular at the gym for it; however, in running or boxing, the leg is great. 

No arthritis yet. I was 25 when I ruptured it, I'm 37 now. 

One issue I had though was bone pain around the incision site. I thought it was maybe nerve damage or scar tissue. I'd massage the pain, but it wouldn't relieve it at all. It was just an achy pain that I thought I'd have to live with; however, I recently realized something: I work indoors. I do most things indoors. 

One benefit is that I'm 37, but people tell me I look 27, but what I didn't realize also was that I was deficient in something called "vitamin D" which needs sunlight to produce, and many Americans are at a deficit. 

So, I popped by Costco and picked up a bottle of their Kirkland Vitamin D3 @ 2000 IU, and I've been popping a pill everyday for a month now, and I've noticed that I don't have any more bone pain. I'm poking the area I usually have the pain, and I don't even have a dull ache. It just feels normal.

So FYI to people out there who might be experiencing some of the ache and pain like I was - popping some vitamin D3 might help. 

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