Ruptured Quadriceps (both legs) 58 years old

Topic Title: Ruptured Quadriceps (both legs) 58 years old
Created On: 07/20/2004 05:35 AM

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 11/10/2004 03:46 PM

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I had 95% tear of my left quad muscle right above my patella in July 2004, I had surgery in August 3, 2004. My doctor expected to have me in the cast for about 6-8 weeks but I was out of it in 4 weeks. I now have excellent flexibility, etc. but of course my strength is not the same, probably only 25% strength but it is building up very nice. As they say physical therapy is the hardest thing but also the most important thing to do after sugery. Keep exercising and doing he flexibility stretches slowly and you will definetly see improvements. I have a teacher that also ruptured both quads and he looks to be walking fine now too. Keep the faith and God Bless.
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 07/31/2004 02:45 PM

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ruptured Quadricep, I reptured the quadricep on my left leg about eight weeks ago. I was hospitalised for four days, then in a brace for six weeks. The doctor wanted to know if I was taking steroids, as, he said, this was a significant factor. I am out of the brace, but very stiff with limited mobility. I'm not sure how much I should push it. I have asked my doctors who say, don't go too silly, but give it a bit of work. Roger
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 07/20/2004 05:35 AM

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I am 58 May 03 I had first surgery on my right leg to repair a ruptured Quadricep. I originally fell on the ice. July 03 the left leg gave out and I fell resulting in the rupture of both my quadriceps. The right leg has had two surgeries. I use two canes but am very limited in walking any distance. I have continued phsyio twice a week. I know have re-occuring tears in both legs. The right leg is the weakest. I am interested in hearing from someone with similar experience and wondering about the long term diagnosis resulting from my injuires. It has been a full year since the 3 surgeries. Realistically what can I expect.
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